Our Story

Our first Scottie “Kindie” came to us when I was a young Teenager and ever since then I have had such an admiration and love for the Breed.  We currently have three Scotties that live in our home with us.  Lexie-Briar, Brindee-Brie and McDuff-Dahvar, plus their buddy Bo (Samoyed), love to hang out in the back yard or watch all the action out the front window. I always have a Scottie around my feet either sleeping or watching me cook, waiting for their handout’s of fresh fruit and veggies.

I am a Member of the Canadian Kennel Club.  My Scottie’s are registered through C.K.C.  All of my Scottish Terrier’s have been through numerous classes of Obedience Training and has made an impact on how bonded we are with our Scottie’s, a greater connection, intelligence and overall a better Dog.

Our Puppies have found good homes all across Canada.

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