Meet Our Family

Meet Ms. Lexie Briar

This is our adorable Lexie-Briar, she came to us as a puppy about 2 years ago. She is one that likes to jump on your lap and motherly take care of you, by licking ones ears and looks for that last possible morsel from your last meal.   She howls to greet you with her lovable loyal self.  She is independent and can find her out in the bushes hunting for mice, but its very funny as she gives away her ability by warning the mice with her low growl and wagging tail,  we have yet to see her catch a mouse.  She has been to obedient classes and caught on quickly and listens well.  She is an amazingly attentive Mom to her puppies!

Meet Ms. Brindee Brie

This is our sweetheart Brindee-Brie, she came to us as a puppy and is now 2 years old.  She loves playing  with her stuffed animals and digs through her toy box looking for her favorite toy, the empty pop bottle, the louder it crunches the better, she loves pulling out all the stuffing of her stuffed animals until she finds the squeaker!  Summer is fun time for her, wadding in a children’s pool of water and chasing the water out of the hose.  Brindee-Brie is cheerful with her greetings and immediately roles over for her multiple belly rub’s through out the day.  She loves to cuddle in tight at night in bed and gives her daily washing to your ears and feet.  Every morning she greet’s you with a smile on her face! She has been to obedient classes and listens well

Meet Mr. Beassley

She came into our lives when she was 9 weeks old and will now soon be 6 years old. As soon as we brought her home the training process began.  Scotties are very intelligent and learn very quickly but are also very strong willed and it is very important to establish (THE I AM TOP DOG HERE) rule at a very young age. We took her to all the obedience classes beginning with puppy class and did our homework at home with the training and as a result have a very polite, respectful, obedient little girl. Having said that we would not change anything for the world

Having a Scottie in your life is something that you can not put into words.

They are amazing little dogs and only by having one in your life will you understand what I mean. WE LOVE HER TO BITS!!!!!!!

Meet Mr. Bo Bo Bear

This is Bo aka as Bo Bo Bear.  This gentle sweet natured soul is our elderly pack leader to our Scotties.  He acts like a grandfather to our Scotties and is so loving!  He greets you with his daily howls and loves affection.  He is the perfect alarm clock in the morning as he comes in our bedrooms and paws at the bed and with his low bark asking gently for us to wake up. He has taken obedience lessons and has done really well.  We go for walks off leash and he is a great protector for me in a very mature well mannered way.

Family Photos

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